Menu Levels

This page exists solely for historical reasons. However, there is an important message for users of earlier versions of CMSimple_XH:

Since version 1.7 there are no more restrictions for menu levels!

Using menu levels from 1 to 9 is now possible. (Levels 7 to 9 will probably not be used regularly in practice. CMSimple_XH’s url-length may be limiting deep nesting. CMSimple_XH will notice users about it.)

This means you’ll manage your pages (create, delete, rename, move) in a program responsible for that task like many other CMS. In CMSimple_XH, it’s called “pagemanager”.

Admin menu ⇒ pages

In the pagemanager blank pages are created and are given a name. After creation they appear in the navigation menu. Newly created pages have neither headings nor content. Click on Admin menu ⇒ Edit to add content. All heading types from <h1> to <h6> can be used. Pages will not be seperated by headings like in older versions than CMSimple_XH 1.7.

The following pages are for demonstration purposes only.